5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Job in the Software Industry

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Job in the Software Industry

Jul 18, 2017

You may have applied for the software testing job many times, but may have made no headway. You might be getting calls for interviews that you are not able to crack. Obviously, dejected, you blame it on your bad luck. Have you ever wondered why this is repeatedly happening to you? Why you are still not getting a head start in the software industry. The reason could be lying in your approach and preparation.

Therefore, go through these 5 points seriously and work on your weaknesses:

1. Faulty Approach

Like most people, do you also think that software testing is all about creating and running test cases? That’s the biggest myth you need to stop believing in. Software testing should start in the early requirement phase, but very few testers believe in this old theory. You can do better as a tester if you know the requirement, convert it into test cases, and then execute them.

2. Ignoring the Code

The time when we had a difference between “black box” and “white box” is over and understanding products and functionalities is a more crucial skill now. You need to understand the code behind something. Once you start understanding the code, your confidence will be restored. This will help you find some additional bugs from the code.

3. Waiting for Developer to Give You Thumbs Up

As you should know that testing starts with the requirement-gathering phase and you don’t really wait for the first build to actually start testing. Start participating in team meetings; it will help you develop a better product understanding. You can use this added knowledge to find extra bugs during the actual testing phase. This also helps you save a lot of time during this precious phase.

4. Not Prioritizing Areas for Testing

Like many testers, do you also believe in “enough testing”? Get rid of this tendency and focus more on proper time management. For example, focus more on areas, which had maximum bugs in the last release. The point is you should focus more on the more vulnerable and important parts and divide your time accordingly.

5. Understand Automation

The market is flooded with many automation tools and some of them are very easy to use since they require very less amount of coding. The industry expects you to have thorough knowledge of these automation tools and you should start learning them if you have not already started doing so. If you know how to automate regression test cases, employers will love to hire you. So, in case you don’t know automation, start investing time and money to understand it. Believe me, it will pay off in your career.

Summing Up

The industry expects from testers to have thorough knowledge of systems and also offer suggestions for improving a product. You will learn some of these things from experience and some after learning new skills. If you do not have the abovementioned skills, being hired as a professional software tester would be a distant dream.