How to Negotiate Your Salary?

Jun 28, 2018

Negotiating your salary is arguably the most important component of finding a new job. However, most job seekers seem to be at a loss about how to approach it. Before even beginning salary negotiations with your recruiter, you must spend some time re

How to prepare for your performance appraisal?

Jun 06, 2018

Performance reviews can induce a lot of anxiety. The spotlight would be on you; you will be asked to justify how valuable you are to the organization, as also whether you have grown since your last performance review. A lot many of us seem clueless a

8 Ways to Demonstrate Your Leadership Skills in Your Resume

Apr 26, 2018

Leadership is one of the top 3 skills employers look for in candidates' resumes. Most candidates are aware of this, but few know how to point it out well to their prospective job givers in their CVs. Basically, you need to highlight strong leadershi

6 Signs Your Resume is Not Working for You

Apr 13, 2018

Your resume is a very important piece of document. Within a matter of seconds it is meant to convey to your potential employer your achievements, your personality and the suitability of your background for the job. Despite its crucial significance, u

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting a Job in the Software Industry

Jul 18, 2017

You may have applied for the software testing job many times, but may have made no headway. You might be getting calls for interviews that you are not able to crack. Obviously, dejected, you blame it on your bad luck. Have you ever wondered why this