Global career

Our employees enjoy an exciting international career while sitting right here in India. The company offers growth, expansion, and a fast learning curve—supporting the employees to realize their potential on a global platform.

At Virtual Employee (P) Ltd, we encourage professionals to work closely with, collaborate, and interact with clients across the globe. People can explore opportunities beyond boundaries to showcase their skills and expertise and make an unrivalled career progression. It also offers them an extensive exposure in terms of international work ethic and culture.

Diversity, stability, opportunity—we offer it all!


A career with Virtual Employee (P) Ltd implies ongoing learning, education, and training for professional and personal progress. We strongly believe in the growth and development of our employees, empowering them with the requisite skills and competencies in a dynamically evolving work environment.

Our project-diversity requires our employees to undergo intensive training for domains, software, and platforms applicable to their work and project profile.

We also conduct relevant developmental trainings on soft skills, cultural sensitivity, personality development and leadership etc. to facilitate their professional and personal interaction in a global and multicultural environment.

Employees may also be required to receive direct training from the client in the form of modules, transmitted over video conferencing, or through an onsite visit, in keeping with the project requirements.

Getting exposure on many different platforms

Virtual Employee (P) Ltd manages a rich portfolio of services that range from IT and software, law, medicine and health care, accounts and finance, data entry, SEO and content writing, to high-end jobs like engineering, design, and architecture.

We provide ample chance for our employees to work in a wide spectrum of projects so as to gain multi-domain and cross-industry experience and expertise.

We welcome people with many different experiences and skills. Whether you are just embarking on your career or are a seasoned professional—we have a role to suit you.

Opportunities to visit client site

It is the dream of many youngsters to pursue a rewarding career abroad. At Virtual Employee (P) Ltd, we make these dreams a reality.

Many of our employees are invited by our foreign associates for onsite visits to encourage greater interaction and understanding of each other and their work.

Our employees get to work and collaborate closely with foreign clients from different parts of the globe, as an essential part of their team. This exposure to the mindset of an international employer and their work ethics and expectations can translate into valuable addition to the employees’ portfolio and accelerate their learning curve. It also gives them an opportunity to play a significant role in a client’s growth through their contribution and expertise.

Employee Engagement

We provide a conducive work environment for enhancing our employees’ productivity and contribution to the organizational goals. By strongly advocating merit, quality, and performance excellence, our managers foster a culture of mutual trust and employee motivation.

Learning is an integral part of our culture, and we harness our employees’ individual strengths through suitable projects, cross-functional exposure, and training opportunities.

We know that our employees are our best assets and we invest in each one of them. We appreciate their hard work and commitment to our success by providing healthy avenues for their professional, personal, and financial growth.

We work hard and party even harder!

Recreation is as important as work and so we have our Annual Cricket Tournament, Holi and Diwali celebrations and the much-awaited Annual Christmas- New Year party.