How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

May 01, 2017

When was the last time you visited your LinkedIn profile page? Does it properly reflect your authority, skills, and experience? If your answer is negative; you must rethink your approach towards it. Having a strong and powerful professional profile leaves a positive impression and helps you gain a strong footing in your profession.

Below, you will find 5 advanced tips for improving your LinkedIn profile:

#1 Use Keywords and Jargons

Find out some popular “keywords” and jargons used in your industry. This will help you describe your job title, skills, experience, and certifications. This helps recruiters find the most important part of your profile easily. So your profile becomes more discoverable.

#2 Turn Off Activity Broadcast Temporarily

If you have a lot of connections on LinkedIn, updating your profile will fill their feed with a lot of updates. It will annoy your connections and they may desert you. You can avoid this by turning off your activity broadcast for a while and update your LinkedIn profile silently.

#3 Customize Your Profile URL

Your LinkedIn profile URL automatically takes random alphanumeric characters. However, it is also possible to select a customized profile URL. Go to Settings> Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL.

#4 Use LinkedIn Badges on Your Website

If you have a personal website, LinkedIn offersdifferent types of profile badges that can help you promote your profile to the world.To find these badges, go to ‘Settings’ and click on the link to ‘Edit your public profile’. You will see‘Profile Badges’on the right. Clicking on ‘Create a profile badge‘will direct you to another page where you will have many designs to select from.

#5 Use LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn offers applications that can be added to your profile to enhance it. For example, if you are a full-time software developer, you can add the WordPress app to your profile that allows you to sync your blog posts with your LinkedIn profile. It also allows you to addand edit videos and to show a video off on your profile, you could use the SlideShare or app that enables you to embed videos in your profile.

Summing up

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network on the planet, and having a strong professional profile has its own advantages. Using the above tips will help you extract maximum benefits from your LinkedIn profile.