How to prepare for your performance appraisal?

How to prepare for your performance appraisal?

Jun 06, 2018

Performance reviews can induce a lot of anxiety. The spotlight would be on you; you will be asked to justify how valuable you are to the organization, as also whether you have grown since your last performance review. A lot many of us seem clueless about how to approach this important event. Though this blog post we would try and understand the best way to deal with it.

Before we begin, it is important to realize that the preparation for performance appraisal is a yearlong activity.

It is an old adage that there is no going around hard work. This is the ammunition that you would use to argue your case for superlative increments and promotion. There are several ways to stand out vis-à-vis your colleagues and win the rat race.

Assume new responsibilities

Always be willing to go an extra mile. Assume new responsibilities beyond your key role area.

Display exceptional results

That good work speaks for itself is a cliché that is barely applicable in our world. You may have helped raise the sales figures by 20 percent. However, unless you make it a point to bring your achievements to the attention of your managers, it counts for nothing. It is your job to highlight your achievement. Do not expect someone else to put your contributions in the sharp relief.

Learn new things

Learning ought to be a lifelong endeavor. Your existing skill sets helped you land your current job. The ones you learn in the course of your work would help you scale new heights.

Be a leader

Always showcase your ability and willingness to be a leader. Propose new ideas, challenge worn out modes of thinking, speak out and be heard. Every organization values leadership qualities.

Throughout the year, keep track of what you have done. Your results ought to be quantifiable. In the weeks leading to your appraisal, make an inventory of all you have done. Whenever possible, use objective-quantifiable data. Make it a point to memorize it all before the actual interview. Reading out from a prepared piece of data is never a very good idea. Pay attention to any drawbacks that might have been pointed out in your prior appraisal and the steps you have taken throughout the year to correct them.

Finally, you want to be very clear and specific about what you want out of the appraisal. Hearing a ‘bravo’ or ‘well-done’ is fine, but it isn’t the same as getting a raise. Is there a role or job that you have been gunning for? Which way do you want your career to head? Clarifying your goals before the interview helps you negotiate better. Carrying out some research to this end could come in very handy. How much do people with similar skill sets and experience make in parallel institutions? Going to the appraisal interview armed with such data would definitely prove to be invaluable.

Following these simple tips should help you breeze through your performance review. Be specific, precise, confident, firm and yet polite. That’s all it takes to ace the appraisal interview.