How to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

May 01, 2017

A killer LinkedIn profile is an absolute mustif you wish to grow your own personal brand. This is like your digital resume. So,it’s something you can’t afford to ignore. The more effort you put in, the better result you get.

Here are top 5 tips to boost your LinkedIn profile effectively:

#1 Keep Your Profile Basics Updated

Your basic LinkedIn profile should be updated, no matter whether you’re a newbie, or have just started a new job. There is no excuse for keeping outdated information. It reflects poorly on you.

Put a succinct headline to highlight your current position and company like "Manager of Digital Marketing at ABCXYZ Corporation". You can also highlight your skills and expertise. Tell people who you are and what you do—and give them a solid reason to connect with them. Make sure that the location and industry details are accurate. These two simple things will help you connect with more relevant people in your network.

#2 Use a Professional Photograph

A professional image on LinkedIn is 11 times more likely to be viewed. So, if you are showing a non-professional photograph, it’s time you showed your professional side. It shouldn't look like a photo for a dating site such as Facebook and Instagram. Always remember that LinkedIn is for professionals; so be one.

#3 Write an Effective Summary

This is the soul of your LinkedIn profile and can be your unique selling point if written well. Your summary should expand on what appears in your headline, and highlight your specialties. Many professionals are confused whether they should write in first person or third person. This, however, hardly matters. Just remain consistent in whatever you use. Don’t dabble inbetween as it shows a lack of detail.

Bonus tip: It will be good if you keep your ego in check. Just focus on the most important details about your career and skills. Also, avoid unnecessary jargons.

#4 Tidy Up Your Endorsements

Once your network of influence increases, people will endorse you for the skills you don’t possess. They can endorse you even for your “chewing gum’ skills! So, you should remove any irrelevant skill and endorsement from your profile.

#5 Join Groups

Joining the network of peer groups will help you connect with similar kind of people in your profession. Whether it’s a group being run by a major company or onebelonging to a niche area, it will help you broaden your digital footprint, and leave a positive impression on people. You should also start joining different discussions and share your expertise, which will help you build your personal brand.

Summing up

By now, you must have known the simple, yet the most crucial aspect of your LinkedIn profile. You can give a brand new look to your LinkedIn profile by following the 5 tips above. Present yourself as an authority, and grow your future connections. And—all of this starts with a killer digital profile.