How to Write a Great Cover Letter That Hypnotizes HR Managers

How to Write a Great Cover Letter That Hypnotizes HR Managers

Jun 13, 2017

Are cover letters important? What’s the use of a cover letter when I have already created a killer resume? Such questions show that you are completely unaware of the recruitment ecosystem. The point to understand here is your resume will be seen only after an HR manager goes through your cover letter and if they are impressed with it, they will take an action.

In case your cover letter fails to impress, you may fail the first test and your resume could find its way to the dustbin. A bad cover letter gives a shoddy impression about the candidate. Sadly, most candidates don’t take this thing seriously.

Here are a few tips for you for writing amazing cover letters:

#1 Don’t repeat your resume

Most job applicants don’t understand that resumes and cover letters serve different purposes. So they should not repeat the information in their cover letter that they have already mentioned in their resume. You should use your cover letter to showcase your personality and interest in the field you are applying to work in. Also, you could highlight your expertise to show interest in the job.

#2 KISS—Keep it short and simple

The best approach is to keep your cover letter short and simple. It should be between 3-5 paragraphs and definitely not a 400-word-long article. Each paragraph should serve a specific purpose. The best cover letters are those that are informative without being overly long.

The point to remember is that hiring managers receive hundreds of cover letters every day. By writing a long-winded cover letter, you will not make their life easier. So, make sure your letter is brief and retains the important information that it should.

# 3 Know the general format of a cover letter

Like resumes, cover letters too have a general format and it would be a good idea to stick to a prescribed format. The basic components are — your name, address, contact, date, and the title of the hiring manager.

#4 Every paragraph should be meaningful

Make sure that your opening paragraph is strong enough and draws the attention of the hiring manager. It should explain why you’re writing the mail. Describe the job you are applying for along with the position and job title.

In the next paragraph, you can mention why you qualify for the position on offer. Mention your qualification, experience, and skills in brief. You can also share your success stories.

In the last paragraph, wrap up your letter. Thank your prospective employers for considering you for the job and also let them know that they can reach out to you with any questions and concerns that are not addressed in your resume.

Summing up

Writing a cover letter is not that difficult once you start understanding the psychology of HR managers. Your approach should be to put yourself in the position of the recruiting manager and judge what you would have done.

Here is hoping that you like the above tips; they are basic in nature, but will certainly help you write an effective cover letter.