Making Dreams a Reality: A Virtual Employee Tell All

Making Dreams a Reality: A Virtual Employee Tell All

Jun 13, 2017

India the land of over a billion cricket fans, where cricket is not simply a game where children dream of playing at the highest level. One such cricketing fan, Vijay Singh is ecstatic about his chosen career at Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. His job as Marketing and Communications Head for Bowling Masters where he works alongside bowling legend Brett Lee, requires him to rub shoulders with some of the greatest cricketers from around the world. The list of cricketers he interacts with on a daily basis is long and impressive. However, for as long as he can remember, one of his dreams was to meet Sachin Tendulkar. Well, as they say, “Dreams do come true”, and for Vijay, this dream finally came true during the launch event of Bowling Masters, where Sachin was invited as a special guest. “This was one of the best days of my life; I finally got to meet my childhood hero,” he quips enthusiastically.

Early Years

Vijay’s story is one of hope and triumph, one that many in India may be familiar with. From a young age, Vijay has had a deep fascination with sports, in particular cricket and played at various levels. Thanks to his batting prowess, for a time, he even considered making it a full-fledged career. After all, you had the likes of Sachin and Saurav, great cricketers who put everything on the line to pursue their dreams. However, reality soon hit hard and family pressure and misplaced career goals, slowly egged him to give up the bat. He was down but not completely out.

Keeping up the faith

After completing his school education, Vijay decided to pursue Masters in Sports Management. This was in line with his passion to keep sports as a central part of his career. Like before, there was a great deal of skepticism about his chosen career path. However, Vijay was determined to not allow anything to derail his plans this time. Ever since getting his first break working with Milkha Singh, Vijay hasn’t looked back and gone from strength to strength.

Career with Virtual Employee

Fast-forward a decade; Vijay currently works as a Virtual Employee, handling Marketing and Communications for their client Bowling Masters. “I thoroughly enjoy my job, I get to interact with sportspersons and get tips from them on how to help budding cricketers improve their game.” The current line-up of Bowling Master products focus on helping bowlers improve their accuracy. “Cricket is a batsmen’s game”, “all the technology that surrounds cricket focuses on the batsmen and the bowler is generally left out,” says Vijay. Bowling Master uses easily accessible technology and simple bowling markers to help tilt the balance in favor of bowlers. After seeing a lot of success in foreign countries, Bowling Masters is all set to launch in India where it sees huge market potential.

Working with Brett Lee

Working alongside Brett Lee has without a doubt been one of the best chapters of Vijay’s career. Vijay considers himself to be a person with a lot of energy, but he says he pales in comparison to Brett Lee’s energy and ability to take people along with him. In-fact, while being interviewed, he distinctly remembers that the opportunity to work with Brett Lee was probably the biggest factor in his decision to join Virtual Employee. “When I was told that I would be required to work with Brett Lee, I knew that this job was for me.”


Bowling Masters is going from strength to strength, with the recent India launch. Vijay envisions this pioneering technology to make a huge impact in the sports industry. “Current technology is very expensive to be used by individuals,” “thanks to the attention we have received, I see this product in all the consumer segments in the near future.” Virtual Employee wishes Vijay Singh and his team at Bowling Master, all the very best for a bright and prosperous future ahead.