Three Interview Tips that can Land You a Job

Three Interview Tips that can Land You a Job

Jun 13, 2017

Ever wondered why you did not get your dream job despite having all the skill sets and experience? Well, more often than not, the reasons are so obvious that we tend to ignore them. These three interview tips will give you a deep insight into the whole process of hiring and also help you in landing your dream job:

#1 Ask questions

In almost all the job interviews you appear in, the interviewer would ask you if you have any questions. Most of the candidates hardly ask any meaningful question and simple choose to be nice and unsuspecting. However, this approach goes a long way in ensuring that you are not hired. It is important that you ask questions, first because it shows your seriousness about the job and second, because it suggests that you have done proper research on the credentials of the company that you intend to work for. Asking meaningful questions also allows you to decide which company you should work for. This is because an interview is not just about the job description and the company profile; it is also about your colleagues, your reporting manager and the overall work culture. Your would-be reporting manager is the best person to inform you about all these aspects of your job. So, even if the interviewer does not give you the opportunity to ask any questions, you must take this initiative at the end of the interview. Imagine taking out a list of questions at the end of an interview; it will speak volumes about your professionalism and diligence.

#2 Answer the question that you have been asked

A lot of times, when an interviewer asks a question, candidates tend to talk about the subject of the question rather than answering it directly. Well, this is a trait that best suits politicians; however, if you are a candidate, beating around the bush is the worst thing you can do. This is because first, it frustrates the interviewer and second, it reflects very badly on your ability to methodically answer a question. Remember, there is a lot of difference between talking about a topic and answering a question. So, you should be laser-focused on this aspect of the interview. The best ploy is to break down the question into different parts and answer every part specifically.

#3 Tell your story

Telling your story comes in handy in influencing or persuading an interviewer to hire you. This is because no matter how logical we are, when it comes to decision making, we go by our emotions. Tell the interviewer how hard you worked to get to the position where you are presently, how passionate you are or give examples of the challenges you overcame in your career. Sticking to logic, experience and skill sets is fine but ultimately, it is your story that influences an interviewer as it tells them about the kind of character you have or the problem-solving capabilities you possess. If an interviewer is weighing up two candidates with similar skill sets and experience, the one with a moving story will stand a better chance of getting the job.

Hope these tips help you get your dream job.