Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Apr 25, 2017

Do you think getting an email open rate of 45 percent in a marketing campaign is a tough ask? Think again. You can even get a 65 percent open rate with half the budget, provided you follow the five email marketing tips that we are going to discuss below. All you need to do is simply know your target audience and follow these tips:

#1 Check your email spam rate

It should not be more than 2% but it can vary by half a percent (plus minus) depending upon the email marketing platform you are using. Using Aweber is a great idea as it has a spam rate of one percent.

#2 Think mobile

Optimize your email for mobile platforms; 65% of all emails are opened first on a mobile device. Imagine the kind of reach you can get by simply optimizing your emails for mobile devices. It will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you that your competitors will have no access to.

#3 Data segmentation

Once you start to identify your valuable customer segment, you should begin sending more relevant emails based on their actual behavior and interest. This way you will be targeting the right audience, which in turn will lead to positive change in conversion rate and revenue.

#4 Preview and test your email

You need to test your email on different devices and browsers before you send it forward to thousands of customers. Test your landing pages, email links, email designs and subject lines. This approach will allow you to identify what works best for you.

#5 Record and compare each campaign

Learning from your results goes a long way in ensuring that your email campaigns are a success. You should record and compare the performance of all your email marketing campaigns. With this approach, you will get to understand your target audience and come up with content that appeals to them.

If you really want to stay ahead of the competition with your email marketing campaigns, following the above tips will be of great help.