Current Experience: My experience with VE has been very good. VE provides you the flexibility of work. The best thing about VE is that you directly get to co-ordinate with the client which makes communication very clear. You know exactly what the client requirements are and you can give better results as compared to other companies where you have to work via the Manager, etc.

Motivation to re-join VE What motivated me to re-join VE was that it gave me the flexibility of work. You are your own manager and always up to date with the IT trend. You can explore new technologies. Everybody here is an expert. So, there is no limit to learning in VE. In other companies, your learning curve is limited.

Deepak Rohilla

Sr. Database Developer

Current experience: I rejoined Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. in the capacity of Sr. Content Writer. It is obviously a great experience to reunite with the colleagues with whom you have worked for years. I do not have to spend time in getting to know the people; I already share a great camaraderie with them. My Team Lead is an authority on the English language and is a gifted leader who can inspire people to deliver their best. Under her supervision, I honed my writing skills and got every support from her to become a better professional. While in a new organization, you have to spend time and energy in getting along with your colleagues, rejoining VE is just like coming home and meeting your own family members.

Motivation to rejoin VE: It's the work environment that pulled me back to VE. My reason for leaving was the long hours I used to spend in coming to and from work. The new organization I joined was quite near to my place and I had great prospects of professional growth there. However, within a few weeks of joining there, I found that this organization was not meant for me. I could no longer ignore the lack of professionalism and work ethics. The overall work culture was nowhere near that of VE. Every day I was forcing myself into going to work. This was the last thing I expected when I switched from VE to this new company. I was used to a very professional work culture and well laid out hierarchy – a workplace where people loved to go to work. At the new company it was exactly the opposite. So, I called up my boss at VE and requested her to call me back. To my amazement, she welcomed me back. I was absorbed in the content team at VE the very next week. I could not have found a better place to work.

Sheetal Shyam

Sr. Content Writer

I left VE in November 2013 and decided to rejoin the organization in the beginning of 2014. It was important for me to evaluate the opportunity on several parameters, especially when you approach your old employer. The first apprehension could be, will the organization see this as a compromise? No organization will hire or rehire an employee unless it sees a reasonable value in him or her. You might have to make a higher level of adjustments once you rejoin and you definitely have to prove your mettle again.

On the contrary, the sense of belonging and the opportunity to work with talented people made me rejoin this organization. I was familiar with the culture, the practices and the people and I was able to adapt easily to the work environment and work needs. I was impressed by the employee engagement program which helps all the employees to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately. I feel proud to be part of an ISO certified company and it gives me a great sense of belonging to a global organization.

Mansat Preet Singh

Sr. Executive Client Account Management

EX Employees

My every moment in VE was the best. I always found VE as a great place to learn new things such as new technologies, handling new clients, online classes, onsite opportunities. There are also many other things which I liked about VE.

Mr. Mithu Bhudolia, Software Engineer

Tenure: 1.3 years

It was a great experience working in Virtual Employee from 2011-2012. Best working environment, supportive seniors and best management - I didn't find this type of working environment in any company. I am really thankful to Virtual Employee for having given me the opportunity to work here.

Ms. Preeti Shukla, SEO Executive

Tenure: 1 Year 20 Days

It is tough to rate my experiences at Virtual Employee and find the best experience. The whole experience of working there was the best I've ever experienced. It looked like a closely knit family and working there was not less than a pleasure. I saw Virtual Employee taking care of the professional aspirations of every employee working there which is really a rare thing. However, the best thing according to me was management's decision to completely change my KRA at a very delicate point of my career that helped me in delivering my true potential for the company and that also shaped me into a different kind of professional.

Shankar Kumar, Sr. SEO Analyst

Tenure: Dec. 2011 to Sept. 2013